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Project Description
Zinc Launcher is a simple Windows Media Center plugin that launches Zinc and attempts to manage the windows as seamlessly as possible. In addition to launching Zinc from Media Center, it will also automatically close Zinc when Media Center becomes the active window.

Zinc Launcher requires that Zinc be properly installed. It should work under Vista Media Center and 7 Media Center, although Vista is untested. Zinc Launcher will create an item in the extras library in 7MC, or under TV in VMC. Clicking on Zinc Launcher will launch Zinc.

  • Will attempt to hide the mouse as much as possible, and show the desktop for the least amount of time possible.
  • Both Media Center and Zinc windows will be automatically maximized during switching.
  • Taskbar will be hidden and black background will be shown during transitional period.
  • If you exit Zinc through the menu, Media Center will be brought to the foreground, maximized, and the mouse will be hidden.
  • If Media Center becomes the foreground window while Zinc is running, Zinc will be automatically closed.
  • Media Center playback will be stopped before launching Zinc.

  • Any exceptions will be logged (poorly) to %LOCALAPPDATA%\ZincLauncher\logfile.txt
  • I tried to make it not matter what you have "Always on Top" set to in MC, but it warrants additional testing to confirm.

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